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Discovering Finland's digital tourism marketing channels

Our partners and clients have extensive media visibility on the Discovering Finland website as well as on its social media channels. Through us you can reach both foreign and domestic target audiences! – 80,000 – 150,000 visitors/month reaches both foreign travelers and active Finns looking for domestic travel destinations, events and experiences. About 30% of the visitors are Finns, 70% foreigners. Most foreign visitors: Germany, UK, USA, Russia, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland.

Discovering Finland’s Facebook – over 100,000 followers

Discovering Finland has more than 110,000 followers on Facebook and reaches around 140,000-200,000 people per week. 18% of the followers are Finns, 82% are foreigners. Engaged Followers actively share and comment on posts and at the same time help in planning and targeting Facebook marketing campaigns.

Twitter – over 33,000 followers

29% of the followers are Finns and 71% are foreigners.

Instagram – over 10,000 followers

The number of followers is growing rapidly.

Are you interested in getting visibility on travel website and its social channels?