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In social media marketing, the most important thing is to reach the right target group

Facebook marketing is still the most superior channel for reaching both tourists who are planning a trip and those who are already currently traveling in Finland in a broad yet targeted manner.

We reach warm target audiences already interested in Finnish tourism

The most important thing in marketing is reaching the right target group. One of the biggest advantages of Facebook marketing is targetability. In marketing campaigns, we use warm retargeting target audiences who are already interested in Finnish tourism, events and experiences, collected from Discovering Finland’s Facebook site, online service and email lists.

The target groups and goals of Facebook marketing campaigns are planned together with the customer. The goals are, depending on the scope of the campaign, e.g. awareness, outreach, engagement, brand building, lead generation, sales and conversions.

Included in the social media campaign


Planning, targeting and optimization of Facebook ads and posts throughout the campaign

Utilization of the ready-made audiences of the Discovering Finland website and social media channels

Weekly posts on Discovering Finland’s Facebook site (over 100,000 followers)

Instagram and Twitter posts to support the campaign

A campaign report from which you get valuable information for planning your own marketing

Contact us and we will tell you more about our social media campaigns