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We specialize in tourism and experience marketing

Disco Digimedia (Discovering Finland) is a Finnish digital agency and travel media. We specialize in tourism and experience marketing. Our goal is to promote the recognition and sales of Finnish companies in the field.

We effectively reach active travelers as well as both foreign and domestic vacationers looking for experiences.



Our marketing campaigns are a combination of content and social media marketing as well as visibility on the website, which is popular with tourists, and its social media channels.

We are also your partner in strategic planning, development of your own service, marketing and content production.

Why choose us?


Utilizing Discovering Finland’s ready-made audiences will cost-effectively target your messages to warm target audiences who are already interested in Finnish tourism


Through us, you can reach both foreign and domestic tourists


Continuous nurturing, optimization and measurement of marketing campaigns ensure the effectiveness of communication


The campaign report gives you valuable information about your target groups as well as tools for developing your own marketing goals